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 Circle of Friends works locally to support Arkansas Children's Hospital. 


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Our Purpose

Circle of Friends is a network of passionate,  dedicated volunteers providing care, love and hope for the children and  families served by Arkansas Children's Hospital. We make a difference by  raising funds and donating our time, talents and treasure. We invite  each community to join us in providing a brighter future for children  and their families. 

 Through funds raised, Circle of Friends ensures the  best and finest medical care to the children of our state, an invaluable  gift for both today and tomorrow. Perhaps an even greater  responsibility is the valuable outreach and education volunteers provide  to their respective communities. A message of safety and prevention is  sent by means of educational projects and outreach activities that  target parents as well as children. Through this mission the group hopes  to prevent a trip to Arkansas Children's Hospital, helping to keep our  youth safe and healthy. 


It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.